How The Pandemic Is Changing  Beauty?


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How The Pandemic Is Changing  Beauty?

How is the beauty industry affected by the pandemic? It’s a pretty interesting question and quite a thought-provoking one. Several industries all over the world were (some still are) seriously hit. The beauty industry is one of them. Sales of these products dropped low, forcing some companies to reconsider. With people losing their jobs, and pay cuts, they aren’t thrilled to spend their income on cosmetics. Rather, they would save the income for future usage, buy health supplements and such stuff. 

In a workplace, and anywhere in the real world, appearance does matter. This is why people (especially women) used to buy beauty products (lipstick, bronzer, concealers, etc.). To make themselves presentable and feel good about themselves. With work from home being introduced, this desire to look attractive, diminished considerably. Most of us bathe, comb the hair, and threw on a corporate jacket over whatever we are wearing. With all these going on, people begin to understand the importance of natural beauty.

A glowing face without makeup, but no breakouts or blackheads. People switched to healthy living, eating a balanced diet, hydration, and adequate sleep. All these added to the no-makeup look.  Priorities shifted, and we started to live our lives without the occasional manicures, pedicures, and such (no matter how much enjoyable they are).

Women love to wear lipsticks, and they don’t want to give up on that. But, hey, now, they would have to wear masks to prevent contamination. Leaving stains on the mask, is not ideal; so, women are not into buying lip products at the moment.  

Instead, they are focusing on eye products. Mascara will give volume to the eyelashes, intensifying the eye drama. This will be a regular trend, according to recent market statistics. The same goes for eyeliner and kohl as well.  Special attention is given to skincare, fragrances, and bath products. These are designed to make people look and feel healthier and beautiful.

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Keeping these trends in mind, beauty companies developed products that help people feel comfortable in their skin. Makeup brushes, pallets, and other substances may replace luxuries, like spa treatments.  Like the beauty industry, the fashion industry has also gone through several changes. 

So, how are these companies coping with all these shifts?  

This industry has taken a massive step by taking the business online. Some big brands were conducting online business even before the pandemic. But the number of such companies is increasing, and this has improved the situation to a significant extent. Virtual events are held, and webinars are conducted discussing the changing dynamics. 

Experts give utmost importance to hand washing, so hand washes and sanitizers are a must. Several beauty brands are focusing on creating these products to reach maximum people and ensure they are safe during the pandemic. Some companies are investing in different health programs, vaccine research programs, etc.   Like other companies, the beauty industry also saw a remote working phase. Most employees were asked to work from home, except for lab technicians. This considerably slowed down the rolling out process of these products. 

Despite all these hurdles, cosmetics companies came up with innovative and real-world products, well within an affordable price. Some indie companies made a huge splash at their debut, and have established themselves in the market. The same thing applies to innovative beauty events as well.  

During the time of lockdown and quarantine, many beauty bloggers and bloggers have written articles or made videos about DIY (Do It Yourself) regimes. Judging from the popularity, people really enjoyed these informative tutorials. This trend helped both sides of the system. Consumers can learn about different techniques, and beauty experts can make money from it. 

Fashion Sizzle Ny Fashion Week 2019
Photo : Joe Swift

There are a lot of expectations from this industry. Why? It has the potential to reach and influence people via different media (TVs, social media, magazines, etc.). Influencers can preach the importance of wearing masks, maintain social distancing, and COVID-19 norms. Similarly, they can tell their viewers about hand washing rules and what to do if anyone is infected.  Now, we will briefly see how the fashion industry adjusted to these changes. Heels are slowly losing its throne, to flip-flops and comfortable footwear. Of course, some women would always love these shoes, but the number is dwindling. Similarly, jeans, yoga pants (these are in the market for infinitive times) are also modified. 

The pandemic has changed people’s views about beauty. Minimal makeup, no makeup looks are in. Products that will make the skin look healthier and glowing are selling like hotcakes. Products like foundation or concealers that can hide blemishes are not selling. Skin whitening creams are also declining, as people are falling in love with their natural skin color. 

So, what are the key takeaways? 

  1. The concept of natural beauty gained popularity among the masses during the lockdown period. 
  2. People realized that beauty comes from a healthy body. Hence, the focus is on diet supplements and multivitamins. 
  3. Eye makeup products, skin healthifying products have seen more sales than lipsticks. 
  4. Products like concealers, bronzers, are becoming less popular with time.
  5. Experts think that this trend is here to stay for a long time. 
  6. The beauty industry is modifying itself to customers’ requirements.