Beauty And Spa Treatment Trends To Look Out For In 2021


Beauty And Spa Treatment Trends To Look Out For In 2021

Wellness is becoming a global priority as more people educate themselves on ways to be advocates for their health each year. Beyond the revolution in organic living and the continuous growth of fitness culture, caring for one’s overall wellbeing will become even more popular — the spa industry alone is projected to be valued at $128 billion in 2022. Having a massage, facial, or other treatment not only enhances your physical appearance, but it can also improve your mental and emotional wellbeing. This year, try something other than your usual Swedish massage and pore-clearing facial to shake up your wellness routine. Look good and feel great with these beauty and spa treatment trends that are about to make their way to your favorite spas and salons

Non-invasive body slimming treatments

The days of liposuction are numbered as it is predicted that non-invasive body treatments are about to be big this year. Experts at Med Spa say that body contouring, using a combination of radio frequency energy and light vacuum pressure, will be a popular choice for those who want to lose stubborn fat and cellulite. Other aesthetic treatments that are going to be in-demand include Coolsculpting, which is a fat reduction treatment, and EMSculpt, which is a contouring treatment that promotes muscle tone and formation. Apart from being a safer option, these med spa treatments may be better for those seeking a total body makeover as they require little to no downtime at all.


Preventative anti-aging treatments

Young women in their 20s have begun to amp up their skincare routines as a preventative measure against skin aging. Aside from using the latest skincare products, millennials are also getting treatments that encourage the production of collagen deep within the skin, such as Ultherapy. This treatment is typically used to lift and tighten areas that are prone to sagging or wrinkling over time, such as the chin, between the brows, and the neck. Then there’s also the very hip microcurrent facial, which is gaining a huge celebrity following. Not only does it promote a lifted and more sculpted look, but it also strengthens facial muscles, which results in fewer lines and less sagging as you head towards your 40s and 50s.

On their own, these spa and beauty treatments are designed to target specific areas and can give visible results, especially when they’re done consistently. But if you want to achieve your fitness and beauty goals this year, try combining these treatments with a healthy lifestyle, a good diet, and a regular exercise routine. Live a healthy life and try these treatments for the best version of you in 2021.